Create A New Finale By: Traci Neal - Christian Spoken Word Artist & Youth Speaker

Create A New Finale By: Traci Neal - Christian Spoken Word Artist & Youth Speaker
Everyone has struggles, challenges, pain, and pressure. If any of you were like me, you just thought the easiest way to cope with it all is simply to run away from your problems. Well, many times in life, I felt like I could not go on. Still, God creates a new finale. 

I will not bore you with major details of my obstacles because there were many. I am going to give a summary of them. I want you to walk away from my story, hopefully believing God can create a new finale for you as well. 

Shall we begin? In elementary, middle, and high school, I survived bullying, low self-esteem, suicide attempts, and domestic violence. By early college years, I overcame rape. While an adult in my late 20's, I experienced the tragedy of losing a guy I thought I would marry. He died from a brain injury. Throughout my young and older adult years, I had been trying to become an elementary school teacher. But, I could never pass the Praxis II Exam. I kept feeling like a total failure. My life did seem to be a crazy whirlwind, right?! 

My breakthrough began by learning what it means to trust in God. How I Learned To Trust God: 

1. Recognize I'm not the driver. (I have a lot of drive, yet God determines my destiny) 
2. Wait before moving (I'm a naturally anxious person, but God's timing is perfect) 
3. I do not have to have all the answers. (My knowledge does not compare to what God knows.) 
4. Obey what God says. (Even if it seems crazy to you or other people, just do what he told you to do!)
These revelations did not happen overnight. Some took years to understand and grasp. What I did not realize would come from all of this is the benefits of trusting God. 

My Benefits from Trusting God: 1. Marriage (I did not see that one coming. It has already been over a year now. Yay!) 2. Christian Poetry Opportunities (I learn what it means to truly serve others with my gift from God). 3. Getting a Motivational Speaking Certificate (I just took a leap of faith and got a 98% on my final exam the first time. God is so good!) 4. God is opening many doors. (I am in awe of all the wonderful things God has done within a few months of me obeying him.) God can create a new finale for you too. If you are a believer, he is waiting for you to move. What is holding you back from achieving your purpose. For those who may not believe, I pray you remember you are worth more than others may say or do to you. I love you and God loves you, too. Never give up. Keep the faith. There are no limits 4 when you're reaching high like an eagle. ©Copyright 2019 Traci Neal Speaker Poet


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